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Mapping stakeholder engagement needs in early-stage system development process

Yip, Man Hang // 2023
Companies design, develop, and market new systems of products and services, through the process of translating beneficiaries’ needs into design specifications, where beneficiaries are those who ...

New Opportunities and Benefits in the Product Development Process using the Machine Learning based Direct Inverse Method for Material Parameter Identification

Meißner, Paul; Vietor, Thomas // 2023
Finite element (FE) simulations can be used both in the early product development phase to evaluate the performance of developed components as well as in later stages to verify the reliability of ...

New Product Development Process for MedTech Combination Products

Menshenin, Yaroslav; Pinquié, Romain; Chevrier, Pierre // 2023
The MedTech product development is experiencing a growing complexity of the design process. The design challenge is to keep the medical device simple and user-friendly while maintaining its ...

Observations on the Implications of Generative Design Tools on Design Process and Designer Behaviour

Saadi, Jana; Yang, Maria // 2023
Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are opening the possibilities for the development of more advanced design tools. An example of these innovations are generative design tools, in which the ...

On the treatment of requirements in DfAM: Three industrial use cases

Endress, Felix; Rieser, Jasper; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Optimization-driven design offers advantages over traditional experience-based mechanical design. As an example, topology optimization can be a powerful tool to generate body shapes for Additive ...

Ontology-based knowledge provision for decision support in product development

Jessica Pickel, Benjamin Gerschutz, Dennis Horber, Stefan Goetz, Sandro Wartzack // 2023
The product development process confronts engineers with numerous decision problems. In this context, it is a challenge to consider all underlying heterogeneous data sources and decision methods to ...

Operationalising concepts of digital twins on different maturity levels (foetal, child, adult) for the architectural design process

Emir Isik, Gülbahar; Hubertus Achten, Henri // 2023
A digital twin is the mapping of a physical twin between hybrid spaces. The lifecycle of digital and physical twins occurs through the concepts of foetal, child, and adult twins. This technology can ...

Optimisation of a design-to-fabrication framework for individualised homeless housing design in Melbourne, Australia.

Anam, Nadia Haquillah Deviana; Tan, Linus // 2023
Digital design tools and technologies offer new opportunities for designers to generate a diverse range of design solutions. Previous research have discussed the multifaceted use of such technologies ...

Parametric Modelling of the Exterior Design of Autonomous Shuttles

Hafemann, Philipp; Daumoser, Manuel; Lienkamp, Markus // 2023
Autonomous vehicles for the last mile are a promising use case for advancing autonomous driving in real-world traffic. For this purpose, traditional car manufacturers and newcomer companies develop a ...

Perspectives on Robust Design - an overview of challenges and research areas across industry fields

Eifler, Tobias (1);Campean, Felician (2);Husung, Stephan (3);Schleich, Benjamin (4) // 2023
Robust Design offers a coherent and widely appreciated approach for the parametric exploration of the design space by means of simulation or experimentation, which is well-established in the ...


Esparragoza, Ivan; Mesa Cogollo, Jaime // 2023
Sustainable design is becoming a common practice since there is a global interest in protecting the environment and enhancing the health and well-being of human beings. However, sustainability is a ...

Pilot Study Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Failure in Product Design

Lauff, Carlye Anne (1); Friesen, Alexis (1); Menold, Jessica (2) // 2023
Failure is part of the design process, and yet there is limited knowledge around how product design students perceive failure in their work. This pilot study aims to understand how a small sample ...


Tarcan, Berilsu // 2023
This paper reflects on alternative approaches in design education and how it can shift to include current discourses of post-Anthropocentrism, through a review and reflections in current design ...

Promoting supply chain sustainability through industrial packaging eco-designing

Bouhlel, Houssem Abdallah (1);Gaha, Raoudha (2);Daaboul, Joanna (2);Chaker, Abdelbadia (1) // 2023
The climate change and the new regulations imposed to slow down this process have pushed major actors around the world to apply sustainable measures in order to meet governmental obligations. The ...

Proposal for a simulation method to determine the intraoperative torque load for pedicle screws with cellular functional areas

Franz Leonard Martin, Alexander Seidler, Kristin Paetzold-Byhain // 2023
Due to an ageing population and increased sedentary work, many back problems exist. Severe cases have to be stiffened by surgical therapies with screw-rod systems. However, due to the complex ...

Prototyping for Children: Understanding how fidelity affects children’s comprehension of prototypes

Codner, Andria Carolynn; Lauff, Carlye Anne // 2023
Testing prototypes with intended end users is critical to the design process. There is limited research on testing prototypes with certain types of end users, specifically children for toy products. ...

Re-thinking design representations in design education: an interview study with professional designers

Eriksson, Siw; Wallgren, Pontus; Karlsson, MariAnne // 2023
Design representations are important tools for designers in the design process. To help designers choose the appropriate representation, taxonomies have been proposed based on type, degree of ...

Reducing prototype fabrication time through enhanced material extrusion process capability

Parry, Georgia Rose; Felton, Harry James; Ballantyne, Robert; Su, Shuo; Hicks, Ben // 2023
3D printing is a widely used technology for automating the fabrication of prototypes. The benefits are wide reaching, and include low required expertise, accurate geometric form and the ...

Reducing the Risk of Patent Infringement

Stauffer, Larry // 2023
One life-cycle issue that is often overlooked in the design process is that of intellectual property (IP). Yet the IP associated with a product is a valuable asset of the company, sometime comparable ...


Yin, Yuan; Childs, Peter // 2023
The study aims to identify the relations between creative design quality and content of the memorising precedents, association, and combination of information processes in a design context. 71 ...


Shimomura, Moe; Loh, Leon; Zhang, Yanfang; Takano, Noriko // 2023
This study evaluated the worksheets used in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Challenge Project from the students’ perspective, and identified requirements for teaching materials to help ...

Retrospective coding of the UX design process for UX design enhancement in design agencies

Dabouis, Benoît (1,2,3); Boccara, Vincent (2); Yannou, Bernard (1) // 2023
User Experience is becoming an increasing centre of interest both in the academic and industrial worlds. Design agencies are no strangers to this phenomenon and are willing to shift from ...

Service Design in Action: Transformation, Consideration, and System Thinking

Lee, Sheng-Hung (1,6); Yang, Maria (1); de Weck, Olivier L. (2); Lee, Chaiwoo (6); Coughlin, Joseph F. (6); Klopfer, Eric (5); Ochsendorf, John (3,4) // 2023
Service design has been an emerging transdisciplinary field that includes product, system, and social science, since the term was first introduced to academic research in the early 1990s. With ...

Sheafification as a design technique for creative preservation - principles, illustrations, and first applications

Le Masson, Pascal; Hatchuel, Armand; Weil, Benoit // 2023
In times of ‘grand challenges’, design theorists dealing with complex systems are facing a dilemma: grand challenges require rule breaking, but they also require the preservation, as much as ...

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