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Interdependencies within the System of Objectives of a Product Generation in Industrial Practice

Albers, Albert; Peglow, Natalie; Spadinger, Markus // 2019
One challenge in product development is the megatrend of product individualization in the automotive supplier industry. Requirements for a variant by the customer may differ from those by the ...

Interpretations of design thinking across a large organization

Kosmala, Martyna; van der Marel, Floris; Bj // 2019
Design thinking has a prominent role as established corporations ramp up innovation efforts focusing on user needs. Current literature provides a plethora of definitions for design thinking with ...

Interview study on the agile development of mechatronic systems

Goevert, Kristin (1); Heimicke, Jonas (2); Lindemann, Udo (1); Albers, Albert (2) // 2019
In order to be as responsive as possible to changes in the dynamic context of mechatronic system development, companies are increasingly integrating agile approaches into their development processes. ...

Investigating The Influence of the Decoy Effect in Pairwise Comparison in Terms of Idea Selection in the Product Development Process

Tanaiutchawoot, Narucha (1); Bursac, Nikola (2); Rapp, Simon (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
Many activities in the new product development requires the decision making to find the final solution from multiple alternatives and make an evaluation. Even methods to support decision maker are ...

Is Organizational Design a Human-centered Design Practice?

Auernhammer, Jan Michel Kurt (1); Leifer, Larry (2) // 2019
In recent years design has had a renaissance in business and management research and practice. Several authors have discussed if management is a design practice and how far design ought to go to ...

Konzept für den MBSE-Einsatz zur automatisierten Individualisierung von komplexen Produkten

Fabian Dworschak; Christoph Zirngibl; Benjamin Schleich; Sandro Wartzack // 2019
Due to increasing market transparency. companies are mainly focusing on development of customized products. In this course. a competitive advantage should be achieved through the automated adaptation ...

Mapping the progress in agile product development: A multi-case study

Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian (1); Behrenbeck, Jan (2); Burger, Kevin (2); Hostettler, Rafael (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1); Zimmermann, Markus (2) // 2019
The more dynamic and unpredictable the development constraints, the more agile the development project should be to cope with and utilize inherent change. Especially in such contexts, aligning with ...

Matrix-Based Multivariate Analysis of Survey Data on Potentials for the Collaboration of Design and Simulation

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Koch, Christian; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Companies are increasingly forced to assert themselves in the market through efficient product development. Since use and potential of mechanical simulations have greatly increased in recent years, ...

Medical device design practitioner strategies for prototype-centered front-end design stakeholder engagements in low-resource settings

Coulentianos, Marianna J.; Rodriguez-Calero, Ilka; Daly, Shanna R.; Burridge, Jocelyn; Sienko, Kathleen H. // 2019
Prototypes have the potential to provoke discussion and to encourage stakeholders to play an active role during design engagements in the front-end phases of a design process. However, detailed ...

Methodisches Entwickeln von Anforderungen in der Produktentwicklung

Young-Woo Song; Frederike Kossack; Beate Bender // 2019
Product development projects are bound by objectives of various stake-holders. In early planning and design phases. these objectives can be very vague due to uncertainties with regard to knowledge ...

Methodological Design: Effects Of A Morphological Approach For Different Students And Professionals

Zeiler, Wim // 2019
In connection with a design research project for professional in the Dutch building industry, an educational project was developed, the multidisciplinary master project Integral Design, to prepare ...

Methods and principles of product design for small-scale production based on 3D printing

Salobir, Jure; Duhovnik, Jo?e; Tav?ar, Jo?e // 2019
Technology of 3D printing is opening the possibility for small-scale production in quantities between ten and several hundred pieces. The technology of adding material enables the production of ...

Multi-level decomposed systems design: Converting a requirement specification into an optimization problem

Beernaert, T. F.; Etman, L. F. P. // 2019
Complex technological artefacts are often decomposed into smaller components to keep their design manageable. The resulting challenge is to coordinate decisions that involve multiple components and ...


Karibayeva, Nadiya; Lowley, James; Stein, Laila // 2019
The complex nature of emotions poses challenges for those struggling to manage them. Thus, a broader spectrum of regulatory strategies needs to be developed. The ways in which product design ...

Navigating Matters Of Concern In Participatory Design

Brodersen, S // 2019
Among 75-90% of residents in Danish nursing homes are diagnosed with dementia. This article explore how a team of five 3rd semester bachelor?s design students sought to improve quality of life for ...

New Approach on the Allocation of Wear Allowances - a Case Study

Schubert, Dominik (1); Rohrmoser, Andreas (2); Hertle, Sebastian (1); Wartzack, Sandro (3); Hagenah, Hinnerk (2); Merklein, Marion (2); Drummer, Dietmar (1) // 2019
To maintain functional tolerances of gear sets over their lifetime, especially in polymer-seel gear sets, the wear behaviour must be considered. The state of the art in wear modelling does not take ...

Open source hardware communities: investigating participation in design activities

Boujut, Jean-Fran // 2019
Open source design of hardware products is an emerging phenomenon that takes more and more importance today?s in the society. However, open source (hardware) design implies a tremendous change in ...

Organisation design seen through systematic design

Cornelis, Thomas (1,2); Dubois, Patrice (1); Omhover, Jean-Fran // 2019
Organizations seeking to improve their performance, like Corporate Social Responsibility targets, face a key organisational design challenge. Designing the key components of the organization and ...

Participatory and Inclusive Assistive Technology Innovation Clinics in Design Schools

Bhatnagar, Tigmanshu (1); Patel, Rohit (2); Roopchandani, Bhavik (3); Ashraf, Faisal (4) // 2019
People living with disabilities can have needs for Assistive Technology (AT) that are out of the scope of occupational therapists, commercial markets and charitable distributions. For such needs, ...

Perspectives on innovation: The role of engineering design

Isaksson, Ola (1); Eckert, Claudia (2); Borgue, Olivia (1); Hallstedt, Sophie I (3); Hein, Andreas Makoto (4); Gericke, Killian (5); Panarotto, Massimo (1); Reich, Yoram (6); // 2019
The aim of the paper is to foster a discussion in the engineering design community about its understanding of the innovation phenomena and the unique contribution that comes from engineering design. ...


Barrie, Jeff; Norman, James // 2019
This paper discusses the delivery of design principles across engineering disciplines, in particular between Mechanical/Design Engineering and Civil Engineering. The paper discusses a 5 week ...

Prototyping Canvas: Design Tool for Planning Purposeful Prototypes

Lauff, Carlye (1); Menold, Jessica (2); Wood, Kristin L. (1) // 2019
While prototypes are critical to the creation of successful products and innovative solutions, building a prototype is characterized by large sunk costs and a plethora of unknowns. The versatility ...


De Vos, Ellen (1,3,5); Xin, Xin (2); De Marez, Lieven (4,5); De Ruyck, Olivia (3,4,5); Emmanouil, Marina (1) // 2019
ty’s newly founded (2016) master program in User Experience (UX), employs a curriculum that recognizes the role of design pedagogy and the teaching of creative thinking for innovation. The ...

Purpose-Oriented Modelling of the Learning Process when Using Prototypes

Schork, Stefan; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2019
Prototypes are often used as a tool in the product development process and their usage is advised in many guidelines, frameworks and product development methods. Those prototypes achieve different ...

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